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How to Dispose of Mattress – 10 Best Ways

How to Dispose of Mattress

Are you confused about what to do with your old bed? Whether it is worn out, lumpy, or you are ready for an upgrade, getting rid of a bed may be a task. But fear not! In this article, we’ll explore the ten best approaches to how to dispose of mattresses responsibly and effectively.


Disposing of a mattress can be a problematic challenge for anyone. However, with the proper method, it is not that much of a task. By exploring specific methods of disposal, you could find the choice that best suits your needs and allows for a decrease in environmental impact.

How to Figure Out When It’s Time for a New Mattress?

How to Figure Out When It's Time for a New Mattress

  • Sagging or Lumping: After long use, old mattresses can show visible lumps and sagging. The sagging is mainly seen at the edges of the bed, which makes sleeping uncomfortable.
  • Broken springs or Damaged: If your bed is damaged and broken in the spring, it’s less usable. It can make your body feel pain while sleeping.
  • Continuous Discomfort: If you always awaken feeling stiff or sore, it can be a sign that your mattress is no longer suitable for your needs. This may be the reason for damaged fabric or mattresses.
  • Allergies or Breathing issues: Overtime use of the same mattresses may lead to several allergies if they’re not cleaned properly. Continuous use may lead to dirt accumulation, which affects sleeping and health issues.
  • Not Perfect sleep: If you move side to side or turn every time you sleep due to a need for sleeping comfort, it may be caused by the old mattresses. 

How to Dispose of Mattress? – 10 Best Ways

1. Recycling Centers

One of the most eco-friendly methods to take away a mattress is recycling it. Many other types of disposal may harm the environment. This process allows for the reduction of waste and the conservation of valuable resources. Check with your nearby recycling center and ask if they accept mattresses and their necessities for drop-off.

2. Donation Centers

Donate your mattress to a nearby charity or nonprofit business enterprise if it is still in good condition. Many donation facilities accept lightly used mattresses and distribute them to needy individuals and households. Not only does this assist someone on your network, but it also keeps your mattress out of landfills.

3. Municipal Bulk Pickup

Municipal Bulk Pickup

Some municipalities offer bulk pickup services for large items like mattresses. Check with your local government or waste control branch to see if they provide this service. Remember that there may be some rules or regulations for bed disposal, so comply with any instructions.

4. Mattress Take-Back Programs

Several mattress producers and stores provide take-back programs for old mattresses while you buy brand-new ones. These services let you return your old bed to the store for correct disposal or recycling. Check with the shop where you purchased your new bed to see if they offer this service.

5. Private Junk Removal Services

If you choose a hassle-free solution, remember to hire a private junk removal provider to remove your bed for you. These agencies will pick up your bed from your house and dispose of it properly. While this option may include a charge, it could save effort and time.

6. Upcycling Projects

Get innovative with your old bed by reusing it for other uses. From DIY pet beds to outside seating, plenty of upcycling initiatives could transform your old bed into a new lifestyle. Check online for inspiration and tutorials on remodeling your bed into something useful.

7. Local Buy/Sell/Trade Groups

Local Buy Sell Trade Groups

Consider listing your old bed on nearby purchase/sell/trade organizations or websites. Through this, people can buy your bed as a second-hand product. This can help you earn money, and the disposal will be easy. Just make sure to correctly describe the situation of the mattress and comply with any safety suggestions for selling second-hand items.

8. Rent a Dumpster

If you have multiple large items to dispose of, renting a dumpster can be a very good idea. Many waste management companies provide dumpster services for residential use. This permits you to put off your old bed and different giant items you must dispose of without the hassle of multiple trips to the landfill. 

9. Check with Furniture Retailers

Some furniture shops offer disposal offerings for old mattresses while you buy a brand new one from them. This handy alternative allows you to upgrade your bed and cast off your damaged one in a single fell swoop. Be sure to ask about any charges or requirements related to this service.

10. Community Cleanup Events

Community Cleanup Events

Watch for network cleanup activities or neighborhood cleanup campaigns in your region. These occasions frequently offer opportunities for citizens to eliminate oversized items like mattresses free of fee. It’s a remarkable way to dispose of your property while also contributing to your network’s cleanliness.


Ultimately, disposing of a mattress doesn’t have to be a headache. By exploring the ten effective methods to put off a mattress, you can find a solution that works for you and enables limited environmental effects. Whether you recycle, donate, or use a private junk elimination service, taking the time to dispose of your bed responsibly is worth the effort. So say goodbye to that old mattress and hello to a cleaner, more comfortable dozing space!

Remember, when it comes to getting rid of an old mattress, plenty of options are available. So don’t let it sit in your garage or basement collecting dust—take action today and dispose of it responsibly!

FAQs on disposing of old mattresses

1. Is it environmentally friendly to throw away a mattress?

No, throwing away a mattress will have terrible environmental impacts. Mattresses occupy ample space in landfills and may release harmful chemical compounds as they decompose. Recycling or donating your bed is a more eco-friendly option that reduces waste and preserves resources.

2. Can I recycle my mattress myself?

While it’s possible to disassemble a bed and recycle its components yourself, it can be time-consuming and require effort. Many recycling facilities have the equipment and expertise to recycle mattresses efficiently, so it’s often best to take advantage of their available services.

3. Can I donate a bed that has mattress bugs?

No, it is not good to donate a mattress that has bed bugs or other pests. Doing so can create health dangers. Instead, try to dispose of it and buy a new one.

4. How frequently have I updated my bed?

The lifespan of a bed varies depending on the fabric materials, utilization, and preservation. Use and maintenance are also factors here. In preference, mattresses must be replaced every 7–10 years to ensure the greatest comfort and guidance. Signs that it may be time for a new bed include sagging, lumps, and continual soreness.